Highland Hall Waldorf School

Health & Wellness

The EEG Institute
The EEG Institute provides clinical services in neurofeedback. We offer a variety of brain wave training options that are selected to suit each individual. Our clinical experience covers a broad range of symptoms including autism spectrum, ADD and hyperactivity, conduct problems, anxiety, depression, migraine headaches, traumatic brain injury and many other dysfunctions that affect emotional and physical well-being.

We believe that most people have the capacity to perform at a higher level of effectiveness, and we are dedicated to helping our clients attain their maximum potential.
Contact: Kurt Othmer, EEG Institute
6400 Canoga Ave Suite 210, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

The Simple Life

Personal concierge services including transportation, errands, organizing, event planning, travel planning and senior services. Specializing in assisting elderly and disabled persons.

Contact: Sheryl Tash, (805) 794-4005


Sara Yoga
Personalized yoga instruction and meditation. The teachings are tailored to meet the student where they are. Teaching experience over eighteen years.
Contact Sarah Isenberg: sarah@sarayoga.com or 310-721-1765 (text only)
All Natural Hormones

Bioidentical Homone Replacement Therapy for Men and Women Antiaging Medicine, Weight Management

Contact: Matty Ng, 661-618-4277