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Centrifugal Leadership  "leading from the inside out"
Consultation: leadership challenges; creating high performing teams; culture audits; addressing the challenges of change; businesses as learning communities - creating a sustainable culture.Coaching: individual leadership coaching; reinventing the communication paradigm; personality challenges -creating new pathways; creating success models for individuals; discovering vision.
Stephen W, Frueh PhDstephen@stephenfrueh.com805-338-4286

Artist As Brand - Career Mentorship
I created the educational service of Artist As Brand to show individuals the heart opening jubilation of career path clarity and the steps they can take to become confident, independent artists.
When an individuals core purpose and talent are synergistically aligned they can become transcendent symbols. This is not about fame, this is about power in the truest sense of the word. Know thyself. The world will recognize it too.
The Artist As Brand class is taught in higher education generally for visual artists but the principles work across all creative disciplines and for age groups 15 yrs and up including professionals who need to refocus or reinvent themselves.
I offer mentorship, lectures, workshops, college classes. Visit: www.ArtistAsBrand.com
Greg Spalenka: 818-992-5828

Personal Style Services - Acrobat Orchid Style by Tina Marie

Personal color palettes, closet edits and organization, personal shopping

Contact: Tina Paterson

(818) 280-7957