Highland Hall Waldorf School

Tuition & Fees

The decision to invest in an independent school education is a significant one for most families.  Unlike public and charter schools, independent schools are dependent on tuition, fees, and on the generosity of donors to finance their operation. 

Our schedule of tuition fees at Highland hall is designed to be as straightforward as possible without additional hidden costs.  At Highland Hall there are no additional charges for books, school uniforms, building assessments, technology fees, supply costs or yearbooks.  These costs are all covered by our tuition; at other schools however these fees are often not included and can amount to $1,000, $2,000 or more each year.  Click on the link at bottom to view our tuition and fee schedule and note the very few additional fees that are charged.  We believe that when you compare costs you will find Highland Hall to be among the best values in private school education.    

At Highland Hall we believe that growing up in a school community with true economic diversity is essential to our work preparing our graduates to make important and meaningful differences in the world.  For that reason we offer a Tuition Assistance program that works to match the costs of private education with a family’s economic means.  Click here to learn more about our Tuition Assistance program.