Highland Hall Waldorf School

Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program
Highland Hall Waldorf School is pleased to offer a scholarship program for low-income students entering the 9th and 10th grades. Students with financial need who demonstrate high achievement in academics, music, arts, leadership/community service or athletics will be awarded a tuition scholarship to our high school. 
We are now accepting applications for fall of 2017. In order to determine financial eligibility, families must submit an application through FACTS Financial Aid Assessment and pay a $30 financial review fee. A current Federal Income Tax Return will be required in this process. To apply go to: www.factstuitionaid.com and click on the “Applicant Sign In” button.
Students must also submit the Scholarship Application at bottom of page.
After completing the application a select number of applicants will be eligible for an interview, and contacted by the school's admissions department. Awardees of scholarship will be notified as soon as possible. To learn more about financial qualifications and how to apply, please contact our Enrollment Assistant, Kelsey Weller at enroll@highlandhall.org or at 818-349-1394 x 222.
Once selected students will be eligible to continue receiving scholarship support in future years provided the family meets the program’s income requirements and the student meets the school’s general enrollment standards and maintains an excellent standing in one of the above mentioned disciplines.
"Our purpose with the scholarship is to provide Waldorf education to a wider and under-served segment of the L.A. community, increasing social and financial diversity on our campus," says Lynn Kern, Administrative Director for Highland Hall. "We aim to support these students by giving them the educational resources our school provides to help them succeed in school and in life, despite the challenges of their families’ current financial situation."