Highland Hall Waldorf School

High School Overview

Education to meet our ever changing world


Academic achievement is promoted through a curriculum that is both intellectually challenging and artistically integrated.  Our academic program is college preparatory and our academic standards surpass University of California entrance requirements.


Core subjects are taught in the morning lesson—a double period lasting three to four weeks. This concentrated course work explores one subject intensively through lecture, discussion, written and artistic projects that allow for deep immersion into the subject matter. The morning lesson is followed by classes in English, mathematics, world language, music, art, and physical education. 


Our high school fosters an environment of social awareness and a culture of inclusivity.  Our students learn the balance between individual striving and concern for the group as a whole.  The study of many different cultures allows students to see the dignity of the human being and examine their own relationship to the world around them.


Intellectual Flexibility • Strong, Independent Thinking


Writing and self-expression play a distinctive role in Waldorf education; students are expected to interpret what they’ve learned through lecture notes, classroom discussions, writing compositions, and research papers.


Engaged learning is fostered through artistically inspired projects which may include an illustrated lesson book, a poem, an oral presentation, or even a play.


Science, world languages (German or Spanish), and physical education are required for all four years of high school.  Team sports include volleyball, basketball, soccer, archery, softball, and cross country. We also offer an international student exchange program.


Academic Achievement • Lifelong Love of Learning


Music, drama and art provide balance to the challenges of academic life.  These classes include orchestra, handbell choir, painting, life drawing, woodworking, photography, metalsmithing, sculpting, and sewing.


Highland Hall graduates attend many excellent colleges and universities. A Waldorf high school education offers much more than a solid academic foundation. When Highland Hall students graduate, they are equipped intellectually and emotionally to meet the future and bring purpose to their lives.