Highland Hall Waldorf School

High School Overview

We are the change we want to see in the world

Highland Hall Waldorf School fosters social awareness and a culture of leadership.  Our students learn the balance between individual striving and concern for the group as a whole.  Many of our students have been honored with invitations to participate in prestigious national programs including Mt. Holyoke’s Take the Lead, National Merit, National Youth Orchestra, and National Honor Society.  Our students also represent Highland Hall in distinguished leadership programs such as Pepperdine’s Youth Citizenship Seminar and HOBY.  Highland Hall alumni are currently leading professionals at USC’s Biomedical Engineering School, UCLA Department of Medical Physics, Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Oceana Institute, Sony Pictures, and the Walt Disney Company among others.

Academics Integrated with the Arts 

While academic standards at Highland Hall surpass University of California entrance requirements, scholastic discipline is balanced by artistic study and practical skills.  High school students study academic subjects in two-, three-, or four-week blocks during main lesson, the first 100 minutes of the day.  These intensive seminars explore one subject in depth through lecture, discussion, written assignments, and artistic projects.  The main lesson is followed by classes in mathematics, English, foreign language, music, art and physical education.  Art, music, drama and P.E. are required for all four years of high school.  Performing arts in the high school include concerts, musicals, and plays.  Artistic offerings include watercolor painting, clay sculpting, woodworking, metal working, photography, sewing, and stone carving.

Emphasis on Writing

A distinctive feature of Waldorf education is the emphasis on the students' interpretation of what they have learned in class. Students are expected to take lecture notes, discuss ideas and themes, and prepare their own compositions about the material that is being presented.  The students are often asked to create projects which can take the form of an illustrated main lesson book, an oral presentation, a poem, a story or even a play.  These unique student-created offerings engage the students' imagination and provide opportunities for the students to express themselves.


Highland Hall aims to provide an inclusive learning environment in which all students feel accepted, valued and empowered to reach their potential. Our community enjoys a wide array of cultures and ethnicities; nearly half our students identify as non-Caucasian. Highland Hall’s scholarship and financial aid programs ensure that low income families are able to afford a Waldorf education. We welcome students and families from the LGBT community as well.
Our school is non-sectarian, espousing no particular religious doctrine. Values such as respect for self and others, universal in all religious and spiritual traditions, are upheld in the classroom. A broad spectrum of religious traditions and interests are represented in our school community. It is our experience that each student brings his or her unique experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints which enrich our school as a whole.

Social & Environmental Awareness

Our high school students have the opportunity to participate in our foreign exchange program and study abroad at Waldorf schools in Europe.  Living with a local family and attending school daily immerses a student in the language and culture of the host country. Highland Hall also hosts foreign students who wish to visit the United States.
Field trips and extended study field trips deepen the students’ experience of the curriculum and strengthen social ties within the class.  Week-long trips may include a visit to study geological formations, a stay at a Native American tribal park in the Southwest, or a visit to a marine environmental program.  

Sports Programs

Highland Hall has a three-season sports program that includes co-ed soccer, girls volleyball, boys basketball, girls basketball, girls softball and co-ed archery.  Our sports teams are open to all students, and everyone is encouraged to join.
Preparation for the Future
94% of our graduates continue on to a 4 year college. However, a Waldorf education offers much more than a solid foundation for college or university study. When Highland Hall students graduate, they are equipped intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually to meet the world and shape the future.