Celebrating 60 years of Inspired Learning

Highland Hall Waldorf School

High School (9-12)

From Observation to Synthesis

Highland Hall offers a rigorous academic college preparatory curriculum that features the best of the challenging Waldorf curriculum while exceeding the University of California requirements. The WASC-accredited academic program applies Waldorf’s developmental approach to a rigorous preparation for advanced study and success in life. 

The high school years represent a new phase of adolescent development. The students are now ready for rigorous intellectual and conceptual challenges, and the curriculum provides this in many forms. From Shakespeare to anatomy, from trigonometry to the history of the modern world, the interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to create in the Highland Hall students a holistic understanding of the world.  

During their course of studies students take four years of:

- Mathematics (with advanced and college prep options)
- Science
- English
- History and Social Studies
- Foreign Language (Spanish or German)
- Fine and Applied Arts
- Music
- Physical Education

The study of many different cultures allows students to gain a sense of the dignity of the human being and examine their own relationship to the world around them. Each year the students take part in a week long class trip as part of their course of study.  A high point comes in the 10th grade when, after studying Native American history, the students venture to the Southwest to spend time on tribal lands learning about Native American culture.

An active sports program provides both boys and girls the opportunity to participate in basketball, soccer, volleyball, and other competitive league activities. In the arts students now engage in more challenging, creative endeavors. Courses such as watercolor painting, form drawing, stone carving, wood shop and blacksmithing cultivate the students' deepening powers of expression. Required music electives such as orchestra, chorus, and hand bell choir also give balance to the challenges of academic life. 

To prepare them for the world outside of the classroom, students become involved in community service projects that address their personal interests and concerns. Deepening the social experiences are festivals with other Waldorf school students from around the West, and many students choose to spend a semester abroad at a Waldorf school in Europe or elsewhere. 

Highland Hall graduates attend many excellent colleges. A Waldorf high school education offers much more than a solid foundation for college or university study. When Highland Hall students graduate, they are equipped intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually to meet the future and help shape it.

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