Highland Hall Waldorf School


Highland Hall Waldorf School is committed to diversity in its student body and actively seeks opportunities to ensure that we serve children from a broad range of economic backgrounds.  To ensure we meet this goal the school has a tuition assistance program designed to support families in their desire to provide a Waldorf education to their children.

This year Highland Hall will provide $800,000 in financial support to students at our school, about 16% of our operating budget.  This program will serve a third of our students and ensures the economic diversity we believe is a critical part of helping our graduates become caring and effective advocates for social justice as adults. 

The program is administered by our Tuition Assistance Committee (TAC) under the supervision of the Finance Manager.  The TAC includes members of the faculty and parent body.  Through their work the school is able to offer grants to students in every class at the school.  Please review the Tuition Assistance Program Overview for additional information about our Tuition Assistance Program.  For important information regarding applications please review our Tuition Assistance Application Requirements.