Upcoming Event: Grandparents & Special Friends Day, April 12

The reception will be followed by our Spring Assembly, which normally concludes by noon. School is dismissed that day at 12:15 pm.
Please RSVP via our evite, or directly to Cara Lisco, [email protected]
A note to Parents of ECC children: please be aware that the Spring Assembly features Lower School and High School students and can be lengthy for a young child. If you would like your ECC child to attend the assembly with their Grandparent or Special Friend you will need to inform your child’s teacher in advance and pick up your child early that morning, by 10:30 am, to attend the assembly in the gymnasium. ECC aged children usually enjoy the first part of the Assembly and then are ready to go outside and play after a while. You should feel free to leave the assembly with your child when he or she feels ready to do so! Children leaving will need to have adult supervision and may not return to the ECC.