Highland Hall Celebrates Opening of New Science Lab

On Monday, April 22 High School students at Highland Hall used the
new Noah Williams III science lab for the first time! A ribbon cutting celebration and  
tour was held later in the afternoon. An official dedication will be held on   
May  31.
The lab accommodates 24 students, and features  state-of-the-art lab  
equipment including 6 Axis Infinity Lab Stations by Sheldon Labs, a chemical  
fume hood from Kewaunee, goggle storage with ultraviolet sanitation, safety  
center with emergency shower and eye wash facilities, teacher demo desk,  
extended white board, new flooring, new lighting and enhanced ventilation.  The 
"Noah Williams III" lab is designed by architect Mark Fuote of Arkineto  
Architects and constructed by general contractor Paul W. Speer, Inc. 
"We named the lab for Noah Williams III. He was one of the school's  
founders, but also Highland Hall's first science teacher," says Lynn Kern, 
Highland Hall's administrative director. "Noah was a passionate teacher who
recognized how the right environment could help ignite excitement in his
students about science education.  It is very exciting to provide a 21st
century  learning environment to a new generation of science students and to
carry Noah's  educational vision forward."
An estimated 42% of Waldorf graduates pursue degrees in science and math.
Click the link to see a video about the event.http://bit.ly/Y5I3Qn