Sam Rappaport Receives Basketball Award at Vassar

Rappaport and his teammate, John Donnely were among 700 other college athletes across the NCAA and the NAIA divisions to receive this honor. "It's a testament to their work ethics and being able to maintain a high GPA while doing their on-court responsibilities," Vassar Head Coach B.J. Dunne said.
In order to make the Honors Court, Rappaport, a political science major, had to have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher. "The amount of time we ask our guys to spend on the court and in the gym is a lot," Coach Dunne said. "Seeing them being able to attack their school work like we expect them to attack their work on the court, is really something something special."
Sam Rappaport is pictured 2nd from left, front row.