Simone Forsberg Is Published in the Huff-Post

As a student at Highland Hall Simone distinguished herself as a gifted writer, earning a perfect 800 score on the SAT written exam and also earning the Sarah Lawrence Presidential Scholarship. At the age of 16 she was commissioned to write prose for the luxury chocolatier, Vosges. The prose was featured throughout their 2012 Easter catalog, and an artist's reception was held in Simone's honor in their Beverly Hills store. This past year Simone had several of her articles published in the Huffington Post on behalf of Soolip, the stationer and artisanal paper arts boutique founded by her mother Wanda Wen.
"Simone's innate talent for writing was curated and brought forth because of the education she received at Highland Hall. She, like all Highland Hall students, was allowed the space for her innate talents to thrive," says Wanda.
In addition to writing, Simone enjoys reading, playing the piano and hanging out with her girlfriends. This summer she plans to stay in New York and obtain an internship position within the media/fashion/public relations world.
Below are recent articles written by Simone Forsberg: