Highand Hall Alumni Pay Tribute to their Teachers

I'll never forget Charles' high school sponsor, Merrily Lovell.  She was wonderful with him and a great teacher.  I can't say enough about her grounded way of being with the students of Charles' class.

Merrily made a big difference in my son's life and I believe influenced him to go into science. ~Valerie Henderson


To Karen GrantThank you for offering a safe haven for children to express themselves, for encouraging the exploration of creative thinking and new ideas  and helping them to be fearless creative thinkers. You have been and continue to be a mentor and role model for so many.  

To Eric BluskeThank you for your dedication and patience and for bringing music to all the children of Highland Hall.  Many have gone on to become professional musicians. Many have had the opportunity to be part of something greater than themselves, an orchestra; and all have been exposed to the beauty and healing power of music.  

​With love, Max, Molly, Emily and Tom Kaplan~


We are grateful to all the teachers at Highland Hall. We appreciate the dedication that it takes to be a Waldorf teacher and the contributions of their hearts and souls to the making of kind and whole humans.

Tracy & Hasib Saliefendic


We would like to honor Coach Humberto Ramirez. Even before he became our daughter's class sponsor, we thought of Coach as the embodiment of the spirit of Highland Hall. He truly knows how to connect with people. He is kind, intelligent, calm, loving, caring and has a good sense of humor. We remember a song he played on his guitar at the Rose Ceremony one year to welcome in the first graders. It added a special warmth to this beautiful event.

We loved having Coach guide our daughter through her high school years and would like to thank him for all the love and support he showed our family. ~Kim & Curtis Scott

To Laura Ferris, who, in her kindergarten class, helped teach Annie that the world is beautiful place and, in her decades of service to the school as a whole, blessed Michael and all the other students fortunate enough to attend Highland Hall. ~The Moses Family


I have many fond memories… “Quatro” (Noah IV) stands out as a favorite teacher because of his ability to connect and support each and every student for their inherent talents and choices.  I can’t even remember the courses I had with him, but his presence in the school and in my life there have never been forgotten.  He embodied so much of what I think was great at HH at that time. ~Ken Hardcastle, class of '79