Rhonda Rees, Public Relations Expert and Author

My name is Rhonda Rees, class of 1977.  I began my Highland Hall journey in 1964 when I entered the kindergarten over at the old North Hollywood location.  I have some very fond memories of that great one-of-a-kind campus, as well as being among the first wave of students to move to the present location in Northridge.  My experience as a Waldorf student is something that has stayed with me ever since.  I believe that my unique time at Highland Hall has also provided a wonderful background to help with my present career. 

Attending such a creative and memorable school -- especially during the colorful 1960s and "flower power" days -- was a real delight.  I remember some interesting face painting that took place at one of our festivals.  Some of the older kids drew peace symbols and flowers on my face to match what was happening around the country during the fun and fantastic "Summer of Love" era. 

Fast-forward to now....I have often relied upon the skills that I first learned so many years ago.  Getting up in front of my classmates to participate in plays, learning the arts at such a formative age, and also experiencing so much creativity first-hand is something that has certainly put me in good standing.    

Currently, I am a public relations expert, author, and advocate, for online book piracy awareness.  To be successful at PR a person has to be able to "think outside the box", be creative, and show an attention to detail, as well as to effectively communicate through the written and spoken word -- skills that I definitely picked up from my time at Highland Hall. 

I'm happy to say that I have recently been awarded the Publicist of the Year honor from the prestigious Bulldog Reporter publication.  It was a nationwide PR and communications competition, judged by top journalists, including a Pulitzer Prize winner.  My book, Profit and Prosper with Public Relations:  Insider Secrets to Make You a Success has been recognized -- winning several industry awards as well. 

Thank you to Highland Hall for all of the wonderful teachers, friends and staff and for being such a joy as well as a truly memorable experience for me -- one that I will never ever forget.