Ella Mielniezenko, Executive Producer at BuzzFeed

Ella Mielniezenko ('09) is currently an executive producer at BuzzFeed, the innovative media powerhouse known for it's wide range of digital content. Ella's work as an executive producer involves developing new properties and talent for their video division. 

After graduating from Emerson Film school in 2013, Ella was fortunate to join BuzzFeed at a time where the growth potential was exponential. "When I started in the Video division in 2013 there were only 5 video producers.  Now we're over 400."  Her timing was excellent, she admits.  

Today BuzzFeed delivers news and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people across the globe via multiple platforms and social media channels. "The younger generation consumes media entirely differently than previous generations," says Ella.  "Today's media is interactive where audiences give realtime feedback to the show's creators." 

Ella enjoys launching new properties and helping different teams find success. "One thing that is important to me, is that we are committed to giving voice to the underrepresented.  In the writer's room, behind the camera, and in production, we have representation so that all voices are heard." She also appreciates the company's mission (which is "no hateful content").

When asked how her education at Highland Hall has influenced her, Ella says, "Waldorf is a big part of my identity.  I'm not really an artist, but I work creatively every day." She adds, "Because of the diversity of learning at Highland Hall I'm able to adapt very quickly.  And the public speaking I did gave me the confidence to speak up and contribute my ideas.  This has helped me immensely in my career."