Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Highland Hall Waldorf school is committed to being a safe place for people of all backgrounds to be both welcomed and appreciated.


Our community strives to immerse students in the experience of individuality, shared humanity, and equality with all the world’s people–transcending stereotypes, prejudices, and divisive barriers.

The faculty, staff, and Board of Highland Hall Waldorf School does not tolerate racism nor any form of discrimination in our community. We fundamentally reject any view which questions the equal value of every individual.

Together we will undertake the work necessary to prepare our students and ourselves for the challenges and joys of life in a diverse society.


As Waldorf educators, we hold the dignity and respect of the human being at the center of our work.


World Languages

  • Mandarin Chinese is taught in grades 1-9
  • Spanish is taught in grades 1-6
  • German is taught in grades 7-12
  • Linguistic immersion style instruction
  • Emphasis on communicative fluency
  • Cultural traditions, music, poetry, games, art
  • Tutoring for new students is available
  • Study Abroad opportunities for High School students


1st Grade – The teachers tell stories from Asian, African, Native American, Middle Eastern, European and Judaic traditions.

2nd Grade – Stories and fables from Africa, Middle East, and Europe.  

3rd Grade – Stories from Hebrew history & Native American traditions.  The third grade often builds a Sukkah as part of their Shelters Main Lesson Block. Students do individual projects creating shelters from around the World.

4th Grade – Native American, Norse, and Scandinavian stories and myths form the primary content in the fourth grade.

5th Grade – Ancient East Indian, Persian, Babylonian, Mesopotamian, Sumerian, Egyptian, and Greek myths and history form part of the curriculum.


We celebrate Lunar New Year, Indigenous Peoples Day, and other multi-cultural holidays.



6th Grade – Roman mythology, Medieval history of the Germanic, Celtic, Huns, and Mongol peoples are presented.  The historical origins of Christianity and the life of the Prophet Muhammad and the birth of Islam are also presented.

7th Grade – World geography focuses on Asia, Africa, and Eurasia.  Activities may include Chinese brush painting and an introduction to Arabic script and language; Ancient African kingdoms are studied along with the Renaissance period.

8th Grade – The history curriculum includes the Age of Enlightenment, American Civil War, World Wars, and the age of revolutions, including civil rights and contemporary issues.


The curriculum, the electives and all student activities foster an environment of social awareness, global awareness, and a culture of inclusivity in our High School.  Our faculty create learning environments where students from all backgrounds can thrive.




Nondiscrimination Policy: Highland Hall Waldorf School prohibits unlawful discrimination against any protected group as identified under Education Code 200 and 220 and Government Code 11135, and Title IX, including sexual orientation, gender, ethnic group identification, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color, mental or physical disability, age, or on the basis of a person’s association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. 

Student Exchange Program


There is no better way for a young person to broaden their horizons than by living in another country.


Highland Hall has offered a successful High School student exchange program for over twenty-five years. 


Exchanges have taken place with Waldorf schools in countries such as Germany, Austria, Israel, Brazil, Peru, and the Netherlands. 


While staying with a host family, students immerse themselves in the local language and culture.