Tim McCarthy

Tim McCarthy is our Practical Arts Teacher in the High School & Woods Teacher in the Lower School.


Working as a craftsman I started studying set building for theatre in Santa Barbara.  At the same time, I was building a professional, yet small recording studio in Los Angeles. From there I decided to pursue a deeper understanding of woodwork.  Enrolling in Palomar College's Fine Woodworking program.  I focused on "Studio Furniture" or Functional Art.  


After completing the program, I moved back to Los Angeles and started teaching Woodwork at "The Community Workshop" in Glendale.  Then, I began working as the Shop foreman for a small props fabrication house in Burbank. Unfortunately, the shop was shut down. I also briefly worked in the manufacturing sector which I didn't enjoy.  When the opportunity to go back into teaching was presented, I jumped.  Out of all my experiences, I find teaching to be the most rewarding.  After doing some research about Highland Hall, I became even more excited to work in such a creative environment where students are encouraged to think outside the box and challenge themselves creatively. It is an honor to be here.