COVID Safety Plan

Highland Hall Board, Faculty, and Staff members have been hard at work developing and updating our plans for on campus and hybrid instruction.  The following are the plans we have developed for Grades 1 through 12 based upon the information we have received to date.  We request your flexibility and understanding as we imagine that the exact operational details will continue to evolve.


Face Coverings
  • Highland Hall must follow LA County Department of Health and California Department of Public Health and Cal OSHA orders regarding face coverings.  The most recent order requires all faculty members and students to wear face coverings at all times while indoors on school property, except when alone in a room.  A mask is optional outdoors but must be worn in crowded outdoor settings.  A crowded environment may include when students are outside playing near each other.

  • In situations where a student may not be able to wear a mask due to an IEP or 504 plans or other medical waiver, the student should wear a face shield with draping.  Exemption from the mask and face shield requirement is considered a medical determination and it is therefore required that it be made by a physician, nurse practitioner, or other licensed medical professional practicing under the license of a physician. Students who have a physician's written medical waiver from the mask and face shield requirement must submit a negative covid test twice a week.  In addition, there will be enhanced health and safety protocols in any class with a student who is not wearing a face shield or mask.  These include: holding classes outdoors more frequently; positioning the unmasked student near ventilation such as near the doorway or HEPA filter unit; restricting indoor activities to ensure that students are not less than 6 feet apart for more than a few minutes at a time.  Faculty will implement these enhanced protocols in a manner that does not single out the unmasked student.  They are also committed to supporting the healthy social fabric of the class.


  • School staff and students are required to stay at home if they are not feeling well, or if they are potentially at risk of COVID-19 exposure, until testing or quarantine time has confirmed that it is safe to return to school.  Please see the Decision Pathways published by the LA County Department of Health for understanding what to do if your child has COVID symptoms.

  • All visitors, students and faculty will be completing a daily health check-in.

  • Students who report or appear to not be feeling well during the day will be separated into an isolated, supervised location. Parents must be prepared to pick up their child during the school day in the event this occurs.

  • All confirmed COVID-19 cases in our community will be reported to parents whose students may have been exposed to the case.

  • Families of all students are expected to report COVID-19 illness in their households.

Social distancing and Ventilation
  • Parent and visitor access to the campus will be minimized, giving first priority to the parents of our younger students, as well as the needs of new students to adjust to the school.

  • Faculty will utilize both indoor and outdoor classroom spaces to best support student learning and health and safety.  Students and faculty will be scheduled to utilize a consistent classroom as much as feasible and avoid different student groups mixing in the same environment. If a classroom change is necessary, classroom surfaces and fixtures will be cleaned prior to a new group of students utilizing the room.

  • The exterior doors of bathrooms will remain open to maximize ventilation.  

  • Students' desks will be set at least 3 feet apart, and in most instances will be 6 feet apart, inside and outdoors.  
  • All Indoor classrooms are equipped with HEPA filters and are able to be cross-ventilated. (See description of HEPA filters below)  Other than instances of hazardous air quality, cross-ventilation will be maintained throughout the time students are utilizing indoor classrooms.  
  • Hand hygiene will be supported through scheduled hand washing breaks, staggered to minimize the number of students needing bathrooms at the same time.

  • There are additional outdoor hand washing stations throughout the campus.  We will also make hand sanitizer available to students and staff at key locations around campus where there is no sink or portable hand washing station available.

  • For those classrooms with interior sinks, teachers will supervise students washing hands at regular times.

  • A cleaning and disinfecting schedule will be implemented following LA County’s Order.  

  • We will minimize the use of shared objects wherever possible and clean such items before passing them between users.

  • Any unvaccinated faculty and staff will be submitting weekly covid testing.
  • Highland Hall follows the recommendations of the LA County Department of Health with respect to students who may be required to test.
  • All faculty, staff and students and families are offered access to free, on campus testing.


  • The Sports program will follow masking and social distancing requirements set forth by LA County.  Commitment and fees will be required in advance.

  • Per the Order, choral singing and wind instrument instruction will be conducted outdoors, weather permitting.  When weather requires indoor classes, choral singing will be allowed while wearing masks, by only 2-3 students at a time at a significant social distance from each other. Wind instruments may be played indoors by students who can adhere to the LA County requirements for specialized masks for instruments, instrument bell coverings , and weekly testing.

  • Indoor and outdoor classrooms will be utilized as best supports pedagogical needs given the environmental conditions.  All indoor classrooms will be well ventilated and utilize a HEPA filter (see filter info below)


  • As with our end of school year plays, graduations, and assemblies, we will be working to creatively recognize our school community events and festivals. We will adhere to LA County DPH Orders pertaining to social gatherings.  


  • All students arriving on campus will be outdoors until class instruction commences.  Yard supervisory staff will  require masking if social distancing is not feasible.

  • The end of school day protocol will be modified to minimize exposure risks. Students will remain with their class, under the direct supervision of their teacher, until picked up by parents.  Parents will remain in their vehicles to meet their child in the traffic circle. 

  • After School Care will only be available for students who have registered for the program. The program will be held outdoors or be social distanced in a well-ventilated room.

Scheduled Make up Days/Remote Learning
  • The ECC has scheduled ten additional potential “make up days” at the end of the school year, to make up for potential lost on-campus days should quarantine become necessary. 

  • In the event that Grades 1-5 need to quarantine, individual  Class Teachers will ensure learning continuity by delivering remote learning materials.  Class Teachers may choose to use online tools as best supports their class.

  • In the event that Grades 6-12 need to quarantine, teachers will utilize our Microsoft Teams platform and Zoom to deliver a remote learning curriculum.  
  • These guidelines do not apply if you are traveling by car. 

heartQuestions and concerns:


Pedagogical, curriculum, school schedule, distance learning:
Ken Lavner, [email protected]

School Operations, Financial matters, and Hygiene Protocol:
Cara Lisco, [email protected]



We are especially grateful for everyone's extra care and effort to help us meet the demands of this pandemic.