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Welcome to Highland Hall's distance learning curriculum

This curriculum has been created, and enhanced over the summer, to support our students (grades 1-12) and parents during the COVID-19 pandemic. We miss all of our students and parents and look forward to seeing you again soon.  See below for examples of distance learning at home and read on for how it works!

Please note that our Pre-school and Kindergarten will be open this fall with an Outdoor Learning Program. Click here for details.

How it works:

Grades 1-5:
For better organization of information, and to ensure that your children’s curriculum and their teachers are more accessible, each class now has an individual Sharepoint website. Each child has their own individual login for their class website, using their email address. 
Key features of these websites are:
  • Most recent curriculum information is highlighted. 
  • All curriculum documents are still available in an easily downloadable file folder structure, if you prefer to work offline.
  • A parent activated "File viewer" makes it easier to read information online.
  • A live calendar is posted for scheduled zoom meetings and/or office hours. 
  • Static calendar pdf which shows all potential class meeting time slots.
  • Link to sign up for office hours with teachers.
  • Highlighted links to recently posted material and site “Activity."
Grades 6-12:
All of your Beacon from the Hill curriculum will be managed through Microsoft Teams using your email address.  To access Microsoft Teams go to  We recommend downloading the MSN Teams App on your laptop or desktop.
Please email Shanda Cox, if you have any technological challenges accessing either Microsoft Teams or the Parent Portal.

Beacon Alert:

We will have a weekly pick-up and drop-off supply exchange for grades 1-8 on Fridays, between 3 pm and 5 pm. Look out for notifications by grade in the Beacon Alert, sent to parents' email addresses every Thursday evening. Not every class will have a pick-up every week. High schoolers will be notified separately of pick-ups at block shifts.

Beacon from the Hill NEWS:

Will be sent out every Friday evening to parents' emails, ECC through 12th grade, with general news and updates, and other pertinent information.