The Parent Association ("PA") is the community of parents at Highland Hall, an important group that supports the school in a variety of ways.  Every parent at Highland Hall is automatically a member of the PA and is encouraged to attend meetings and become actively involved in the life of the school.  The Parent Association plays a vital role in both friend-raising and fundraising at the school, organizing community events such as the Winter Faire and May Faire. The PA also works with the Parent Education and Resource Committee (PERC) to organize parent education events and manages our Hot Lunch Program and is responsible for the network of Room Representatives and strives to facilitate communication between the school and our parents.

The PA welcomes your ideas and talents!  To find out how to become involved contact us at parents@highlandhall.org.

Parent Association of The High School (PATHS)

PATHS is the group formed within the PA to address the special needs and requirements of the high school.  Some of the fundraising activities sponsored by PATHS are the Daddy-Daughter Dance, the Rummage Sale and food sales at some of our school events.  For more information about this group contact paths@highlandhall.org.