Kat Laskey

Kat Laskey holds a BFA in Performance Art from Florida International University, and has been a working artist ever since. Although her specialty has been hair/makeup/costume for production, she is a lifelong explorer of many mediums. and believes that the true gift of artmaking is in the joy of the process. 

Trained in non-violent, empathy-based parenting and communincation, Kat is currently a student at WISC, and teaches 6th grade art at Highland Hall. 

An environmentalist and animal advocate, she is a long-term volunteer at LA Animal Services, and continues to devote many hours every week toward small animal care and rescue at our city shelters.


The philosophy she lives by is that life is meant to be lived creatively - but that the bliss and clarity that comes from creation can only be found when in freedom from one's own self-critic.