Annual Giving 2018-2019

We are excited to launch our Annual Giving campaign for 2018-2019!


Our goal:

In September 2019 Waldorf Education will proudly mark its 100th Anniversary, and we are looking ahead to a celebration of that momentous occasion. Last year we raised over a quarter million dollars to support Highland Hall through a variety of events – Annual Giving, a Gala and our auction.  This year we hope to raise over $220,000 through your gifts and pledges during this Annual Giving campaign.  Following a successful giving campaign all our energy will turn to marking the past, present and future of Waldorf Education at Highland Hall and around the world.


Why donate?

You may be aware that tuition alone is not enough to cover all the costs of this extraordinarily rich Waldorf curriculum, the care and maintenance of our campus, our teachers’ compensation and benefits, tuition assistance, and our athletic programs.  Like all other non-profit organizations our school strives to cover the 6% gap between tuition and the actual costs of operating the school by appealing to the generosity and commitment of parents, grandparents, friends and alumnae.


How much should I donate?

Please do as much as you can to support our school.  Our children, their teachers and the people who support them are counting on you.  Because Highland Hall is a 501(c)3 corporation all contributions to the school are tax deductible.  The average contribution at Highland Hall last year was just over $1,000 per student.  We ask that each family only do what it can but also ask each family to seriously consider how much it can do.




The Annual Giving Co-Chairs

Andrea Knoepfle, Eric Ullerich

Cara Lisco, Director of Advancement


The Annual Giving Committee Representatives

For the ECC: Priscilla Cruz, Andrea Knoepfle

1st & 2nd Grades: Jaret Sacrey

3rd: & 6th Grades: Eric Lev

4th: Duppy Demetrius

5th Victoria Chuprovsky

7th: Eric Ullerich

8th: Kathy Valladares

9th: Jennifer Maraia & Amy Rydell

10th: Wayne Brady & Andrea Knoepfle

11th: Jackie Bernstein

12th: Launa Prince & Beverly D'Angelo