Annual Giving Thank you to Donors 2019-2020

We are so grateful to Highland Hall's supporters of our Annual Giving campaign thus far:
Legacy Circle ($10,000 and above)
Jonathan and Cara Lisco
Tagney Jones Family Foundation
Eric and Dana Ullerich
Viola Davis and Julius Tenon
Leadership Circle ($5,000 and above)
George Bryson and Alina Sanchez
Damon and Andrea Danneker
Partner Circle ($2,500 and above)
Eric Lev and Jodi Targon Lev
Angharad and George Caceres
Paul Sarkis and Sarah Isenberg
Erin Ehrlich and Jed Spigarn
Friends Circle ($1,000 and above)
Ariel Sortun and Nile Park
Tina Wang and Christian Herrera
Nader Salehi and Shadi Ganjavi
Bruce Shragg and Robyn Samuels*
Henry and Heloise Meyer
Amy and Matthew Palmo
Arvin Petros and Monica Mansouri-Petros
Bernard Khachi and Andrea Rulfo-Khachi
Chris and Lynn Kern
Claudia Spinelli and Han Yi
Dusti and Hunter Laizure
Gary and Gemma Webb
Jean and Richard Gilliland
John Ovsepyan and Annie Shahbazian
John C Hernandez and David McIntosh
Kelly Ferrero and Jenny MacDonald
Susan Drew and Jon Lind*
Tina and Don Paterson*
Michael and Martina Turner*
Anonymoussan Kyselak and Yoko Mimura
The Dahan Family
Karen Minero-Gould and Michael Gould
Alicia Silverstone
Singh Contracting, Inc.
Anthony and Michelle Kleeman
The Donaty Family
Community Supporters:
Edward and Cindy Ricalde
Justin and Sarah Kantner
Tom and Emily Kaplan*
Adi Ben naim and Adon Atia
Angela and Eric Aguirre
Belinda and Christopher Hebert
Eric and Ann Lieberman
Hera Foundation
Kathy Valladares and Jeff Edelstein
Laura Kuo and Abdelali Dahrouch
Matthew d'Alessio and Loraine Lundquist
Robert and Jennifer Maraia
Sam and Nicole Claitman
Sara Antoine and Mark Maun
Tim Meissner and Elizarah Adams
Toshinari Yanagi and Yuki Yamamoto
Don and Pierina Clark*
Richard Hodkinson*
Alex Vargas and Trisha Guzman-Vargas
Jacqui and Nick Dres*
Michele Gitomar
Ran and HadasPorath
Priscilla Cruz and Sean Richardson
Adrian Sosa and Carolina Larrea
Aura and Melvin Lev
Brad and Margaret Duns
Francisco D'amorim and Maria Florencia Del Moro
Jaret and Gillian Sacrey
Jason Gossman and Paige Tucker
Serge and Talin Topjian
Vanessa and Victory Mori
Alan and Lisa Urban
Cora Inez Outlaw and Chris Bartek
Corinne and Kris Johnson
Eileen and Paul Daniels*
John Crossley and Sharon Ngoi
Kristen Kahl-Reno and Jon Reno
Nicole and Victor Palumbo
Odile Madden
Sarah and Brett Mikels
Sarah and Neil Biondich
Simon Cournoyer and Priscilla Lee Wah Tee
Sorenna Sacket and Jason Hill
Victoria Chuprovsky
Kelly Ferris and Vincent Warner*
The Porter-Etheridge Family
Christine Meyer
Diana Meerovich and Nahal Mashiah
Kathy Andersen
Laura Galli and Jeff Lombardi
Athan 'Duppy' and Valerie Demetrius
Alberto Quintero and Courtney Holland
Andrew and Lara Chanley
Brittany and Timmothy Harmon
Bruce and Anne Pinckney
John and Beth Reff
Oren and Michal Goldman
Paul and Lynn van Schilfgaarde*
Juvenal Guzman and Kira Fuchs
Kaspian and Sarah Nath-Varma
Kerry Myers
Cecilia de la Rocha and Brian Pacheco
Chinami Inaishi and Ed Vandenburg
Chris McClain and Susan Campbell
Claudia Luci-Hermon and David Hermon
Curtis and Kim Scott*
Dana Williams
Esther 'Katie' Kirkpatrick and Evan Rocha
Holly Bakarich
Jack and Debra Bryant
Janet Vrudny
Jordan Greene and Prudence Stein-Greene
Josh and Corinne Young
Judith Joshua
Julie and Korel Tunador
Kristen and Raul Chavez
Yoriaki Mochizuki and Lorena Tokutake
Lori Weertz
Maria Haddad
Marisol and Ryan Martin
Meghan Nathanson
Michael and Andrea Forner*
Murphy Lynch
Niklas and Dawn Bertani
Sreekesh and Jeannette Menon
The Whitney Family
Anya and Victor M. Rex
Bari and Robert Borsky*
Niloufer Pabla
Marjorie Joys
The Cohen Family*
Emilie de Vravin
Corinna and Noah Schutz
Audrey and Jeff Williams*
Lelan-Cox Family
Dean Opseth and Suzanne Pourmoneshi
Thomas Penchoen*
Robert and Patricia Murar*
Blair Allen
Bryan and Bridget Kelley
Rebecca Lirette
Daniel Kotin
Erick and Tischia Bluske
Gabriel Perez
KS and Eli Revivo
Micah and Katie Smith
Sasha Guild
Tania Ruiz
Lisa and Jake Brescher
Shirin Peykar and David Ghalchi
Agnieszka 'Agnes' Gorecki
Darin Ganitch and Kristin Lofgren
Efrat Dor and Reef Maymon
Jim Ortlieb and Mimi Devens
Nicolle Frazee
Sarah Yapelli
Irina Puzanova and Max Kruglov
Jahmyl Essex
Josh and Jamaica Elliott
Kenneth Lavner
Sam and Elizabeth Shahbazi
Dolly and Noah Williams
Greg Konick
Hung Nguyen
Rocio Levito
Hiroko Horie
John and Jean Brousseau*
The Schoech Family
Tiffany Kopp
Jaclyn Bernstein
Shanda and Daniel Cox*
Kenya Strong and Andreas Geck
Xenia Antonyuk
Corey Scoffern
The Sharoni Family
Brenda Becerra
*Indicates member of our Alumni Community- alumni, alumni parents, former faculty and staff, and friends of HH.