Wish List for Reopening 2020-21 Outdoor Classrooms

Dear Highland Hall Community Members,
We are dedicated to providing the best education possible for our students at this unprecedented time.  Part of this effort includes creating outdoor classroom spaces that are as comfortable as possible.  Please consider supporting this endeavor with a donation of any of the following items. Please email Cara Lisco, Director of Advancement and Operations, if you are able to do so, clisco@highlandhall.org
Thank you to the following ECC Families for their donations to the Wish List fund thus far: Menon Family, Peykar Family, De Leon Family and Cournoyer Family!
  • Large shade tree for Preschool yard, $500

 GRADES 1-12

Grades 1-8 specifically
Do it Yourself! Build an outdoor desk!
Woodworking teacher Jack Bryant developed a simple build-a-desk project for parents who want to contribute with their own maker talents! Or, donate for someone else to build-- they are $125 each. Contact Jack Bryant for instructions and Cara Lisco, clisco@highlandhall.org for specific count still needed.