Annual Giving 2020-21

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Why Give to Highland Hall?

Like all private schools, the funds to cover our budget come directly from the community it serves. This year the conditions placed on us by the Covid-19 epidemic has stretched our resources. And, even as we are weathering this storm, we are seeing glimmers of hope as we are calling in our future. While some key faculty have retired or moved on, we are hiring new faculty who bring a renaissance to our program. Your donation this year will help us make key hires for our future; we are hiring faculty members to lead our practical arts program and our computer science and engineering program. We are filling a Class Teacher position, as well as a Director of Marketing and Enrollment. Your support is crucial to attract fantastic teachers and staff and their amazing energy!

Please click here to view message from Pedagogical Chair, Ken Lavner.

How much should I donate?

Historically, our average donation per student is $1,000. We recognize that this is a challenging time for so many families. If you can give more, please consider helping our community by doing so. If you cannot, please know that any amount you donate will help all of us link arms to support our school. Additionally, please note that the CARES act enables everyone, irrespective of whether you itemize donations, to a direct tax deduction of donations up to $300 if they are made in 2020 to a 501(c)(3) non profit such as Highland Hall.

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We are so grateful to Highland Hall's supporters of our Annual Giving campaign thus far:
Abby Marcus 
Adrian Sosa and Carolina Larrea 
Amy and Matthew Palmo 
Ann and Jason Boyce 
Annie Parnell 
Ariel Sortun and Nile Park 
Ben and Lynne Moses
Bernard Khachi and Andrea Rulfo-Khachi 
Bruce Pinckney 
Bruce Shragg and Robyn Samuels
Chanita Goldenberg 
Claudia Spinelli and Han Yi 
Connie Stokes
Cora Inez Outlaw and Christopher Bartek 
Damon and Andrea Danneker 
Dana Sherman
Dana Williams 
Daniel Mihaljevich and Ursula Janofsky
David McIntosh and John Hernandez 
Dean Opseth and Suzanne Pourmoneshi 
Diana Jones 
Diana Lord-Adam
Dusan Kyselak and Yoko Mimura 
Elizabeth Guild
Eric and Dana Ullerich 
Eric Lev and Jodi Targon Lev 
Erin Ehrlich and Jed Spingarn 
Francisco D'amorim and Maria Florencia Del Moro 
Gary and Gemma Webb 
Henry and Heloise Meyer
Hera Foundation 
Jamaica and Josh Elliott 
Jaret and Gillian Sacrey 
Jason and Conchita Newman 
Jim Ortlieb and Mimi Devens-Ortlieb 
John Crossley and Sharon Ngoi 
John and Abby Adorney 
Jonathan and Cara Lisco 
Jordan Greene and Prudence Stein-Greene 
Julie and Korel Tunador 
Justin Kantner 
Karen Minero-Gould 
Ken Lavner 
Kerry Myers 
Lauren van Schilfgaarde
Lori Weertz 
Maxim Kruglov and Irina Puzanova 
Micah and Katie Smith 
Nader Salehi and Shadi Ganjavi 
Nahal Mashiah and Diana Meerovich 
Nicholas and Jacqui Dres
Paul and Lynn van Schilfgaarde
Robert and Patty Murar
Alexander Vargas and Trisha Guzman-Vargas 
Sarah and Brett Mikels 
Sarah Biondich 
Sasha Guild 
Shaheen Vaaz 
Shannon Kearney 
Simon Cournoyer and Priscilla Lee Wah Tee 
Susan Drew and Jon Lind
Tamra Underland 
The Whitney Family 
Tom and Emily Kaplan 
Toshinari and Yuki Yanagi 
Yulee Haimovitch