Annual Giving 2022-2023

What is our goal this year?

You may be aware that tuition alone is not enough to cover all the costs of our extraordinarily rich Waldorf curriculum. Like all other non-profit organizations, our school strives to cover the gap between tuition and the actual costs of operating the school by appealing to the generosity and commitment of parents, grandparents, friends, and alumni.


Our Annual Giving goal this year is $365,000.

Together we can reach this goal. Our community strength depends on each other, so our campaign has set the lofty goal of reaching 100% participation. This year, our Annual Giving campaign is focused on helping address teachers’ salaries; if we can reach this year’s campaign goal of raising $325,000, the school will pass along a 5% cost of living bonus to our faculty. This is a modest bonus given the dramatic inflation of recent times.

How do I donate?
Make a one-time donation or set up a monthly donation online or donate by check!
Drop off or mail to Highland Hall, 17100 Superior Street, Northridge, CA 91325
Learn more about the many Ways to Give to Highland Hall, on our website, including gifts of appreciated stock, grants from family foundations, in-kind donations, and legacy gifts.
Why not raise tuition to cover 100% of costs?
Highland Hall strives to keep tuition increases modest in an effort to make a Waldorf education available to as many qualified students as possible.  Unlike tuition payments, Annual Giving donations are tax deductible.
Who Supports our Annual Giving campaign?
Our donors include current families, grandparents, family foundations, alumni, alumni parents, and friends of Highland Hall.  Corporations support our school by matching with their employees' gifts.
Where do the funds go?
Annual Giving funds support our school's ability to deliver a wide range of school programs, including two World Languages, Fine & Practical Arts, Music, and Movement.  It enables us to provide high quality school supplies, natural toys, and organic food int the Pre-K and Kindergarten, and it supports our after-school Sports Program.  It also helps us maintain this beautiful 11-acre campus and provide tuition assistance. 
How much should I give?
Giving amounts are a personal choice which only you can determine.  We seek 100% participation in our Annual Giving campaign at any amount.