Annual Giving

Our sincere thanks to these families who have made their donations and pledges to Annual Giving 2017-2018.  With over 90% of Highland Hall families participating we surpassed our campaign goal of $134,000.
Every gift matters and is gratefully appreciated! 
Thank you for all support! (Last updated January 2, 8:00 am)
Legacy Circle ($10,000 and above)
Cara and Jonathan Lisco
Eric and Dana Ullerich
Seattle Foundation, Maryanne Tagney and David Jones
Leaders Circle ($5,000 and above)
Damon and Andrea Danneker
Sue Drew and Jon Lind
Partners circle ($2,500 and above)
Alina Sanchez and George Bryson
Sreekesh and Jeannette Menon
Christian Herrera and Tina Wang
Friends Circle ($1,000 and above)
Robyn and Bruce Shragg
Chris and Lynn Kern
Eric Small and Kim Myers
Jon and Lori Gardner
Andrea Knoepfle
Nick and Jacqui Dres
Nader Salehi and Shadi Ganjavi
Gary and Gemma Webb
Nicole and Sam Claitman
Bernard Khachi and Andrea Rhulfo-Khachi
Holly Bakarich and Chip Eddy
Monica Mansouri and Arvin Petros
Henry and Heloise Meyer
John and Jill Donaty
Robert and Jennifer Maraia
Eric and Jodi Lev
Thomas and Wendy Lewis
Sanford and Phyllis Beim Family Foundation
Leslie Beers
David McIntosh
Dory Rindge
Anthony and Michelle Kleeman
Oganesyan Family
Ariel Sortun and Nile Park
Northrup Gruman
John C. Hernandez
Waldorf Circle ($500 and above)
Tom and Emily Kaplan
Eric and Ann Lieberman
Toshinari Yanagi and Yuki Yamamoto
Michael and Martina Turner
David and Marcella Press
Brooke Smith and Steve Lubensky
Alan and Lisa Urban
Alicia Silverstone and Chris Jarecki
Cindy and Edward Ricalde
Priscilla Cruz
Ryan and Meagan Friedlinghaus
Brad and Margaret Duns
Sarah and Justin Kantner
Anton Pacino
Jaret and Gillian Sacrey
Beverly Underwood
The Washington Family
Aura and Mel Lev
Carl and Christina Briganti
The Rydell Tuck Family
The Caceres Family
Donald and Pierina Clark
Cordenia Richards and Chris Richter
The Meissner Family
Chris and Belinda Hebert
The Tocchet Family
Angel Circle ($250 and above)
Dean and Suzanne Opseth
Darin Ganith and Kristin Lofgren  
Jack and Debra Bryant
Kathy Valladeres and Jeff Edelstein
Maira Campos and Ben Hassan
Angelique and Mark Hannah
Karen and Dave Pearson
Mark and Sara Maun
Angelica Lelan and Leo Trujillo-Cox
The Demetrius Family
Sabi Dorr and Nina Wachenfeld- Dorr
Prudence Stein-Greene and Jordan Greene
Leila Conners
Jacqueline and Moshe Elgrably
Adrian Sosa and Carolina Larrera
Luz Maria Aguilar
Evangelina Aguilar
Launa Prince
Meredith Madnick
Mori Family
Michael Dahan and Kristin Burns
Francisco Amorim and Maria Florencia Del Moro
Community Circle ($100 and above)
Christine Meyer
Eric Stemp and Kristina Kurbanyan
Tess McGinley
Kerry Myers
Mimi Devens, Jim Ortleib and Family
Laura Ferris
Kira Fuchs and Juvenal Guzman
Dana Williams
Manley Pope and Amy Danles Pope
Dan Kotin
Kathy Andersen
Marcela Tarantola
Lynn and Paul van Schilfgaarde
The Toro Family
Janet Vrudny
Jaclyn Bernstein
John and Abby Adorney
Ran and Hadas Porath
Ed Vandenburg and Chinami Inashi
Sarah Isenberg and Paul Sarkis
Mochizuki Family
Niklas and Dawn Bertani
Josh Young
Matthew Petersen
Aton Setty
Jihad and Anjum Turk
Maxim Kruglov and Irina Puzanova
Kathryn Adams
Tina Paterson
John Crossley and Sharon Ngoi
Gabriel Perez
Beatty Family
The Goldman Family in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Regina Spiewak and Mr.and  Mrs. Moshe and Yehudit Goldman
The Cohen Family
Paul and Eileen Daniels
Ruben Gonzalez and Merceds Gabrieal Delapena
The Whitney Family
Siegfried and Susan Othmer
Michael and Andrea Forner
Biondich and Nathanson Families
Diana Lord-Adam
Rebecca Varon and Bob Remstein
Jay Freund and Dana Sherman
Murphy and Jocelyn Lynch
John and Jean Brousseau
Gohar Shahnazaryan and Yorik Nazarian
Judith Joshua
Bari Borsky
The McClain Family
Tunador Family
Alexander Black
Kasian and Sarah Nath Varma
Victoria Chuprovsky
Eliza Gran and Owen Philips
John and Beth Reff
Byron Thames and Tricia Fisher
Hasib and Tracy Salfiendic
Additional Participants
Bridget and Bryan Kelley
Annie and Bruce Pinckney
Sandra Storti
Shanda and Daniel Cox
Ken Lavner
Jun Kong
Mona Lewis
Agnes Gorecki
Stephanie Croft
Erick and Tischia Bluske
Lisa Amirant
Diana Meerovich
Andreas Geck and Kenya Strong
Regina Samayoa
Lara and Andrew Chanley
Jeremy Beim
Daniel Mihaljevich and Ursula Janofsky
Michelle Underwood
Terra Malmstrom
Robert and Lisa Baker
Elizabeth Shahbazi
The Moses Family
Maxwell Family
Michelle Cross
Catherine Mondragon
The Rex Family
Maria Colmenares
Noah Williams
Stephanie Galicia and Jose Rubio
John Ovsepyan and Annie Shahbazian
Craig Johnson
Signe Grant and Byron Speight
Marisa Cody and David Hayter
Kinda Almukaddem
Carolina Lopez Arango
Steve and Ivonne Esguerra
Marrapodi Family
Julia Greenhalgh and Aleysius Brewer
Lily Michael
Sarah Yapelli
Our Annual Giving Committee:
Andrea Knoepfle, Co-Chair
Eric Ullerich, Co-Chair
Cara Lisco, Dir. Of Advancement
2017-2018 AG Representatives:
Nursery Ms. Anjelica: David Press
Nursery Ms. Maun: The AG ECC Group
Kindergarten Ms. Ferris: Andrea Knoepfle
Kindergarten Ms. Danneker: Priscilla Cruz
1st Grade: Jaret Sacrey
2nd Grade: Vanessa Mori & Bruce Pinckney
3rd Grade: Duppy Demetrius
4th Grade: Amy Pope
5th Grade: Eric Lev
6th Grade: Eric Ullerich
7th Grade: Kathy Valladares
8th Grade: Amy Rydell & Jennifer Maraia
9th Grade: Brooke Smith
10th Grade: Jackie Bernstein
11th Grade: Launa Prince & Regina Barba
12th Grade: Matthew Temple