Mike Wells

Dr. Michael Wells DC LAc began learning blacksmithing and metalworking from his grandfather when he was a child. After some petitioning, he got permission to take blacksmithing in eighth grade at Highland Hall. When the blacksmithing teacher passed away suddenly his senior year, Michael took over and finished teaching the class for the remainder of that semester. He has been excited about learning and teaching Metalwork ever since. One of his students even went on to be featured on the television program Forged In Fire. He has also worked as a consultant and ghost artist for celebrity metal workers, and done repairs on pieces for Hollywood elites and even a former US president.


While completing his pre-med and bachelors in German literature, Michael was also the teachers assistant for the senior seminar class in sculpture and design at Grinnell College in Iowa. He is now a chiropractor and acupuncturist in private practice, and has been teaching continuing education classes and guest lecturing at various schools and universities for over a decade.