Tenth Grade

Developing the Tools of Language, Aesthetics, and Reason
In tenth grade the theme for the year centers on exploring the processes inherent in math, science or language. This contemplation of process leads the student toward integration of the inner and outer world, and toward a balancing of opposites. 
Required classes:
English: Mythology, World Poetry, Compositions, Speech, Frankenstein
History: Native American History, Ancient History, History Through Poetry
Science & Technology: Organic Chemistry, Mechanics, Physiology, Health, Climatology and Oceanography, Logic
Mathematics: Geometry or Algebra II, Greek Geometry, Trigonometry
The Arts: Sculpture, Watercolor Painting, Drama
World Languages: Spanish 2 or German 2
Music: Orchestra, Chorus, Handbell Choir or Eurythmy
The tenth grade student will:
  • Meet and understand the inexorable laws of Newton
  • Examine the functions of the human body
  • Interpret a weather map
  • Develop subtle capacities for language through the exploration of poetry
  • Investigate the acid-base chemistry of cosmetics
  • Develop the feeling of certainty by proving geometrical theorems
  • Discover the emergence of reasoning and logic by tracing the evolution of human civilization from ancient times to Greece
  • Paint with watercolor
  • Expand on acting skills through voice work and movement