Eleventh Grade

Training the Power of Analysis
By eleventh grade, students become more capable of self-reflection and can move with ease between analytical thinking and imaginative thinking. The curriculum allows student to investigate areas of study not accessible to the experience of the senses such as atomic theory and cell biology.
Required classes:
English: Dante, Parzival, Shakespeare, Comparative Religions, College Application Essay
History: Middle Ages, Early American History, Music History
Science & Technology: The Periodic Table, Molecular Structure, Atomic Theory, Electricity and Magnetism, Cell Biology, Botany, Genetics
Mathematics: Algebra II or Pre-Calculus, Projective Geometry, Sequences & Series
The Arts: Sculpture, Life Drawing, Bookbinding, Veil Painting
World Languages: Spanish 3 or German 3
Music: Orchestra, Chorus, Handbell Choir or Eurythmy
The eleventh grade student will:
  • Wire practical electric circuits
  • Study the chemical elements and their uses
  • Encounter the legends of Parzival through active reading, creative writing, and artistic expression
  • Trace humanity’s search for meaning through the study of Rome and the Middle Ages
  • Debate genetic engineering
  • Study DNA sequencing and how the human genome is constructed
  • Discover the interplay between light and darkness  through watercolor veil painting