Arts & Electives

The Arts: The Cornerstone of Waldorf Education
The arts are an integral part of the Waldorf curriculum.  Every student is exposed to a wide array of artistic disciplines which include music, fine arts, applied arts and drama.  In addition to required artistic courses, students select one or more electives in each of the following categories:
Fine & Applied Arts: Sculpting, Watercolor Painting, Life Drawing, Stone Carving, Blacksmithing, Coppersmithing, Bookbinding, Black & White Drawing, Veil Painting, Silk Painting, Knitting.
Humanities: Play or Musical Production, Drama, Creative Writing    
Music: Orchestra, Chorus, Handbell Choir & Eurythmy
Required arts classes
  • 9th grade - Drama, Clay Sculpting, Black and White Drawing, and Tailoring

  • 10th grade - Drama, Sculpting, and Watercolor Painting

  • 11th grade - Sculpting, Life Drawing, Bookbinding, and Veil Painting

  • 12th grade - Drama, Stone Carving, Watercolor painting, Photography