Anthony Ashkar

Mr. Ashkar holds a BS in Mathematics with a minor in Science and Mathematics Education from UCSB. He also recently completed his MS in Mathematics from Claremont Graduate University.


What brought you to Waldorf Education?

“I love the idea of small class sizes as well as cooperation in the classroom. Many people see math as a solo sport but in industry, you’re working with teams of people all the time. The sooner students are exposed to collaborating through challenges, the more successful they will be in STEM.”


Why do you like working with students?

“Being a part of a student’s road to success is the reason I got into education as a career. Teaching math really boils down to strengthening a student’s ability to reason through problems and persevere through difficulty. Building up those skills as well as their confidence in their own abilities is the best part of working with students.”


What are your passions, interests and/or hobbies outside of teaching?

“Outside of teaching, I am an avid foodie! I enjoy trying new foods and then doing my best to elevate them in my own kitchen. I also love hiking and almost everything related to the outdoors!”