12th Grade Summer Assignment

12th Grade Summer Reading Assignment
Your student must read one book this summer. Students will be tested on this book in the first week of school during the first study hall:
Dr. Faustus -- By Christopher Marlowe (No written report).
Instead of a written book report, the seniors must write A COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAY that is due Wednesday, the first day of classes. Some colleges and universities have their own applications and essay questions. Some have essay questions in addition to those that will be found on the Common App. For our purposes in the summer, it’s easiest to use the questions that appear on the Common App, as many colleges and universities use this form exclusively.
On it, you will find the questions to which you will respond in your essay. Please choose one of these essay questions and write your essay. If you have any questions, please contact Annie Pinckney at apinckney@highlandhall.org.