Waldorf Education Reviews

Waldorf School Reviews
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Below are a few reviews about Highland Hall.  For more in-depth testimonials about our school please click here.
Posted by a parent & alumna:
I am both a former K-12 student and a current parent. I can't thank Highland Hall enough for 13+ years of the well rounded artistic, academic, and athletic education I received in the 80s and 90s through 2002, and that my children are receiving now. Between the great teachers, the multitude of artistic and academic options available, and finally the beautiful campus, I can confidently say that there is no better school than Highland Hall out there.
Posted by a parent:
This school has been an extraordinary experience for our daughter and our family. She's currently a Jr. in the High School; she started at HH in Kindergarten. The philosophy, the community, the faculty, the camaraderie, the quality of the education - all have served to create/allow/invite a fluency in music (cello), language (German), the arts, strong academics, as well as incredible self-confidence and creative ability to think way outside the box. I only have grief that I never knew about Waldorf education for my older children!
Posted by a parent:
My family absolutely loves this school. The teachers are amazing, the grounds are beautiful, and the curriculum is unmatched! If you are looking for a school with a rigorous academics and plenty of arts and music - this is the place. My daughter's experience at Highland Hall is not only preparing her for life, it's helping shape her into an incredible adult.
Posted by a parent:
I think there is no greater gift you can give your child than a Waldorf education and Highland Hall really delivers. My child, who started in nursery, is in high school now and friends and family who worried about her unconventional schooling are wowed by her maturity, her brightness, her level of engagement with the world and her sensitivity to people and things around her. I'd like to think her dad and I played a part, but Highland Hall was a huge factor in helping her develop into the extraordinary person she is continuing to become.
Katie F -  All three of my children from elementary to high school are excelling beyond expectations. Highland Hall offers subjects like gardening and sculpting that teach as well as provide stress relief. This has helped my children improve in their academic subjects as well. I highly recommend this school to any parent looking for a well-rounded education for their children!
Monica M. — Education all parents would wish for their children. So blessed to have found this school.
Melani G. — Our whole family is so blessed to have found this education for our daughter seven years ago. It's a beautiful thing to see your child thriving and happy and always excited about school and learning. It's been that way since we started and I know will remain throughout the years to come.
Annette N. — There is no way to tell a person about the kind of education and experience they can gain from a Waldorf school. It is simply something that must be felt. And it will fill your life till the end of your days.
Ifat P. — I find that Highland Hall offers the most well rounded education, full brain development, fosters critical as well creative abilities, consciousness, highly developed social skills embedded in a great sense of group and individual integrity with unforgotten lessons learned and educational experiences. If I could ask for more, I wouldn't know what to ask for...
A note about online reviews, both positive and negative:
Highland Hall values the perspectives of our parents and community members and appreciates the fact that so many have chosen to share their experiences at our school in various public forums.   Thoughtful and responsible comments, while so often positive, also include the right for critical discourse and disagreement, and we greatly respect people’s freedom of expression.   We understand that with the benefit of free expression on the internet comes the opportunity for emotionally based attacks to be given to a wider audience than would have happened before our modern age.  Nevertheless, we as an organization are committed to respecting the freedom for people to air their personal individual grievances.   We have consistently endeavored to address individual complaints as they are brought directly to us, and uphold the privacy rights of those individuals by not specifically replying to grievances in the public internet forum.