Noah Williams, History

BA History, UC Santa Barbara; MA History, Cal State University Northridge


What brought you to Waldorf Education?

"I had been a student at Highland hall from 1959-1960 and my parents also worked in the school. From 1966-'69 I worked part-time as a games teacher while I worked on my masters degree.  I then worked for the Federal Government for two years, during which time the High School was started.  The College offered me a teaching job and, as my two children were already attending Highland Hall, I accepted."


What do you enjoy most about working with students?

"The students are the ones that have kept me at it since 1971.  Their enthusiasms for life have been, and are still energizing and keep me enthused. I have had the privilege of  working with some really fine human beings whose dedication and concern for others has always been humbling.  The terrific vacation schedule has also contributed to my longevity."


What are your passions, interests and/or hobbies outside of teaching?

"Carpentry, wood-working, gardening have all taken center stage in my extra curricular activities. If one wants to continue to develop as an adult,  have your own children, and teach the children of others."