Sasha Guild


What brought you to Waldorf Education?

"I have family that was Waldorf educated, and I was always envious of the wide array of subjects they studied in school. Waldorf education allows students to explore their creative and artistic sides while remaining academically rigorous, which is something that most other education systems lack. Additionally, I believe that teaching students how to be ethical and mindful critical thinkers is something only Waldorf achieves effectively. After teaching at Cal Poly Pomona, whose motto is "Learn by Doing," I learned to truly value experiential learning. Waldorf schools are the best example of experiential learning in primary education, and I believe this is the best method to prepare students for whatever field they choose to enter as adults."


Why do you like working with students?

"I love working with students because they teach me so many things, even though I am the one who is instructing them. By working with students, you become so much more aware of yourself than by working in most other fields. I also enjoy allowing them to discover themselves by remaining flexible in my teaching style, giving my students the freedom to tell me the best way they learn so that I am able to use the best method of teaching them. By allowing students the space to think freely and critically in their own way, I am constantly amazed by their abilities. My favorite part of being a teacher is watching the "light bulb" turn on when they understand a concept and become excited about it."


What are your passions, interests and/or hobbies outside of teaching?

"Most of my time spent outside of work is spent listening to local rock bands, going to concerts and festivals, trying new foods from all cultures, enjoying the beach, doing amateur photography, and hanging out with Celestia (my dog). I love traveling, and recently spent a short summer in Iceland with my partner and his Icelandic family. I have been to every single state except Hawaii, and did most of that traveling while following/working on the Vans Warped Tour over a summer during Grad School. I am fascinated by 3D design and am currently learning how to use different types of software for 3D printing. I used to own a drift car, so I love talking about cars and motor sports. I am passionate about LGBTQ rights and domestic violence awareness and prevention."