Ninth Grade

Finding the Balance Between Extremes 
Ninth grade sees the unfolding of the force of intellect. The theme for the year is polarities, such as tragedy and comedy, as the foundation of abstract thinking. The ninth grade might be summed up in the question, “What is the world like?" The ninth grade curriculum is sensitive to the tremendous developmental changes students experience and provides the students with the opportunity of seeing their inner experiences reflected back to them in outer phenomena.
Required Classes:
English: Comedy and Tragedy, English Fundamentals, Short Story, Research Paper
History: Modern World History, Art History
Science & Technology: Organic Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Anatomy, Geology, Computer Science, Health
Mathematics: Algebra 1 or Geometry, Permutations and Combinations, Descriptive Geometry
The Arts: Black & White Drawing, Drama, Clay Sculpting, Tailoring
Music: Orchestra, Choir, Handbell Choir, Eurythmy
World Languages: German 1 or Spanish 1 and Mandarin
Electives include Computer Science, Java Programming, Adobe Animation, Forensic Science & Philosophy; these may vary year to year.
The ninth grade student will:
  • Analyze how an automobile engine works
  • Manufacture chemical scents in an organic chemistry lab
  • Study rock formation and visit areas of plate tectonic activity
  • Learn to precisely draw complex geometrical forms
  • Enact scenes from great comedies and tragedies
  • Identify minerals and study their uses
  • Study art history from cave drawings to Picasso
  • Sculpt bones when studying anatomy
  • Write their own short story
  • Build a computer from components
  • Learn the fundamentals of acting