Message from Our Leadership


Waldorf schools have been educating students worldwide for over 100 years, and Highland Hall is the oldest Waldorf school in the western United States. We provide a holistic, developmentally based program that consciously integrates the academic and artistic together, cultivating both creative and critical thinking in the students we serve.


You probably agree that successful students today require creativity, persistence, resilience, patience, and a feeling of self-confidence so that they can meet the ever-changing demands of the world today. Our rich curriculum, which includes gardening, woodwork, two world languages, music, and art develops these capacities, and teachers seek to spark academic zeal by teaching in a lively, creative, and artistic manner.


We not only welcome and make efforts to support a diverse and inclusive community but also strive to help our students develop moral discernment and the motivation to put their heartfelt insights into working collaboratively with others.


Imagine a school that welcomes the opportunity for anyone with an interest in sports to play on a sports team; anyone can participate in the school drama department. By not limiting themselves to one specialty, students can explore their interests in a safe environment with teachers who care.  This is our school.


We invite you to learn more about Highland Hall and the genius of Waldorf education. Take a look at the information on our website, visit our beautiful 11-acre campus, and find out how your family too can be part of an educational community committed to “receiving the children with reverence, educating them with love and sending them forth in freedom*.”

Ken Lavner
Ken Lavner
Pedagogical Chair
For the Collegium

School Mission Statement

To guide students through the Waldorf curriculum, striving to awaken in each student discernment in thought and action, a joy of learning, a sense of wonder, and reverence for life.


*The words of Rudolf Steiner, Austrian philosopher and the founder of Waldorf education.