Lower School Admissions (Grades 1-8)


This enrollment page lists the entire process for applying to the Lower School. We are now accepting applications for current year and the upcoming Fall. Please follow the checklist below to ensure a complete submission of all materials.

Please direct all application inquiries to the Enrollment Office:
Lara Chanley, Enrollment Director, at 818-349-1394 ext. 233 or [email protected].

Application Checklist for 1st through 8th Grades

1. Parent(s) attend a School Tour

    RSVP to 818-349-1394 ext. 233 or at [email protected].

2. Complete the Online Application Form

- Submit the $125 application fee (non refundable)

- Include a photo of your child


3. Submit Student Application for grades 4 & up.

4. Next steps:

a) Complete and sign Transcript/Records Request. Send it to your child’s school for completion.

b) Request Letters of Recommendation from the student's math & English teachers (for grades 2 & up):  

  The letters must be e-mailed by recommenders to the Enrollment Office.

c) Submit educational or Neuropsychological Evaluation and 504/IEP (if applicable)

 d) Submit a writing and a math sample of student work with teachers’ corrections.


Admission Process

  • The enrollment staff works collaboratively with the faculty to facilitate an admissions process that is professional, meaningful and pedagogically sound. The most important criterion is that the family values and supports a Waldorf educational philosophy.  It is also important to ascertain if we will be able to meet the needs of the student and the expectations of the family. 
  • An applicant's complete file is given to the appropriate teacher(s) for review. In most cases, the applicant is recommended for an interview and assessment. Interviews are conducted by the class teacher and another faculty member. Their meeting will range in length from 45-60 minutes, and involves both the student and her/his parents or guardians. The interview will include an assessment involving movement exercises along with age appropriate academic skills.  Applicants for fourth through eighth grade will also complete a student application.
  • If, after the interview and assessment, the teachers and the parents/guardians determine that Highland Hall Waldorf School appears to be a good match for the applicant, he or she will be invited to visit the class for three to five consecutive days.  Applicants for 1st grade in the following year may elect to visit in the kindergarten.  This is an opportunity for the applicant to meet the other students and for the teachers to observe the applicant within the classroom environment.
  • Admission decisions are made by the interview team. Notification will be sent in writing within one week or as soon as possible once a decision has been made for late or mid-year applicants.


Tuition Assistance, Scholarships and Sibling Discount

Visit the Tuition & Tuition Assistance pages for specific information regarding our tuition assistance program and sibling discount. Highland Hall also offers a limited number of scholarships for middle and high school students (grades 6- 12). Highland Hall actively seeks to serve children from a broad range of economic backgrounds.


Notice of Nondiscrimination Policy

Highland Hall Waldorf School does not discriminate due to race, religion, gender, national origin, disability, or other basis protected by law.