Tuition: A Waldorf Education within your Reach

Tuition Tree
The decision to invest in an independent school education is a significant one for most families and can have a profound impact on your child’s future. 

We recognize that not all families have the means to afford a Waldorf education. Through our Tuition Adjustment Program we strive to match the costs of private education with a family’s economic means.
  • This year Highland Hall will provide nearly $1.4 million in tuition assistance to students at our school, about 24% of our operating budget. 
  • We believe that growing up in a school community with true economic diversity is essential to prepare graduates to make an important and meaningful difference in the world.  With Tuition Adjustment, many families discover that a Waldorf education is within their reach.

We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to provide our son a Waldorf education and Highland Hall’s efforts to make the school more accessible for a diverse community. If families feel this unique approach to education is a good fit for them, do not get discouraged by the tuition costs! Reach out, speak to the staff and apply for the TA program, they can work with you!


-Centeno Family


Scholarship Program:

In addition to our scaled tuition program, a limited number of full and partial scholarships are available for students.  Please see our Scholarship page for more information.


Questions? Email Enrollment Director, Lara Chanley at [email protected].