Ways to Give

At Highland Hall we provide our students with a vibrant Waldorf education that guides them to develop the emotional intelligence, imaginative thinking and problem solving capacities they need to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world environment. 


There are numerous ways to lend your support: 

Highland Hall relies upon the generosity of our community to provide yearly on-going support for excellence in our education.

Leverage the dollars you are already spending to benefit Highland Hall.  Read more about our Shop to Give program.

Donating your appreciated stock creates a win-win for you and Highland Hall.  By donating a stock you have held for over one year, you avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciated value.  Highland Hall uses a stock donation service through Stock Donator to process such donations:
Highland Hall has been blessed by gifts from family foundations affiliated with our community members.  Please reach out to Cara Lisco to discuss how our school might benefit from such a grant.
Create lasting impact by naming Highland Hall as a beneficiary in your estate planning.  Consult your Estate attorney for the best format for that gift.  Please advise Cara Lisco if you are including Highland Hall in your planned giving.
Our school maintains a list of Wishlist Items which our faculty have identified would fill a current need.  We also maintain restricted donation funds for our Garden program "Garden Gnome Society", our Music program "The Grace Notes", our Technology program "Team 2 pi r" and our Tuition Assistance and Scholarship program.
Highland Hall appreciates all sorts of items for our school, such as instruments, tools, garden supplies and specialty craft items.  Please reach out and let us know if you have something to donate!

Would you like to learn more? 

Contact us:
Director of Advancement, Cara Lisco 
818-349-1394 x 202