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Recent News

The 7th Grade Class Goes Sailing

As part of the 7th Grade's Age of Exploration block, the students had a very special and fun field trip. They embarked on a sailing ship that was very similar to the ones used in the 1700s and learned hands-on skills like hoisting sails, tying knots and nautical terms.
The 7th Grade Class Goes Sailing Featured Photo

12th Grade Portraiture Class

The Waldorf curriculum integrates the arts into all academic disciplines for students from preschool through twelfth grade. By the time they reach 12th Grade, the art class focuses on portraits and self-portraits, both in watercolor and as pencil sketches.
12th Grade Portraiture Class Featured Photo

Highland Hall Celebrates Diwali

This year the 2nd Grade offered a lovely dance performance during our Diwali Celebration. Other activities included a "dandiya" or stick dance, flower garland making and lighting oil lamps.
Highland Hall Celebrates Diwali Featured Photo

12th Grade Eurythmy Performance

At the end of the first quarter of Eurythmy studies, the 12th grade students offered a wonderful performance, bringing a poem and a piece of music by Jean Sibelius to life. Eurythmy is visible speech and visible music.
12th Grade Eurythmy Performance Featured Photo