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ECC Assistant

ECC Assistant
Our Early Childhood Center is seeking an assistant teacher. The early childhood assistant works under the direction of the main teacher to support and facilitate the teacher’s endeavor to create a harmonious and nurturing environment for the unfolding consciousness of the 2 to 6 year old children in the teacher’s care. It is a commitment intended to create an opportunity to enhance one’s education in Waldorf early childhood pedagogy. The part time position requires the assistant to be on duty each school day from 8:00am - 3:00pm with an hour lunch break.
This is a part-time hourly position.
Must have the basic 12 child development units in order to apply for the job.


Arrive prior to 8:00am to get settled so as to be ready promptly at 8:00am to begin classroom work.

Help prepare the classroom and kitchen activities prior and during the children’s arrival.

Imitate the gesture of the teacher, working consciously and with reverence while doing even the “smallest” task.

Be a quiet, hardworking presence in the classroom and a model worthy of imitation for the children as they work by the side of the teachers, setting tables, cleaning, putting away, etc. Always follow the direction of the teacher in addressing particular needs of a child.

Anticipate the needs of the teacher when doing an activity with the class.

Bring any questions and observations regarding the class or a child to the teacher.

Defer to the teacher when questions or inquiries come from parents.

Help maintain a clean and beautiful environment for the children, making certain all classroom items are in their proper “homes” prior to and after class time.

Duties in the kitchen area include daily setup of the snack table, cooking and other preparation of the daily snack, cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen area.

Work cooperatively with other assistants in leaving classrooms and yards neat and clean for the next day.

Provide outside play supervision of the class or do inside work at the discretion of the teacher.

Be part of a team effort working to further the aims of the Early Childhood program.

Inform the teacher in a timely manner if unable to be at school the next morning.

Attend class parent evenings and Wednesday faculty meetings, if possible.

Additional Requirements:

Be able to comfortably lift and carry a 35 - 40 lb child if necessary.

Be willing to climb a tree if needed.

Must be willing to sit on the ground, sing with children, read to the children, and play outside in all weather.

Start Date
Contact Mr. Lavner
Phone: 818-349-1394
17100 Superior Street, Northridge, CA 91325