Board of Trustees

Highland Hall’s Board of Trustees is mandated to act in the best interests of the community and ensure that the school operates in a way that is legally sound, fiscally responsible, and that it achieves its overarching purpose. That purpose is reflected in the Ends statement, created by the Board in collaboration with the College (the pedagogical leadership group at our school):

“Students will be educated in the Waldorf curriculum to become free human beings with the will to impart purpose and direction to their lives, and to have the option to pursue a wide range of vocational and educational opportunities upon graduation.”

The members of the Board include parents, teachers, alumni and friends of the school. The Board is not involved in day-to-day management or pedagogical decisions. Rather, it grants authority to the Administrative Director and Pedagogical Chair to work collaboratively with one another, the College, and the entire faculty and staff to achieve the Ends in the way they agree is best. At its monthly meetings, the Board discusses, and accepts or responds to reports from the Administrative Director and Pedagogical Chair, providing counsel when requested. The Board approves major financial and capital improvement decisions, and focuses its time on policies and strategies that are future oriented. The school is deeply grateful for the work of its trustees:

Henry Meyer – President

Paul Sarkis

Edward Ricalde

Eric Lieberman

Janet Vrudny

Terra Malmstrom

Nina Dorr

Bari Borsky

Sue Drew

Emily Kaplan


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