Wish List

Every year our Faculty and Staff are asked to give us a list of items they need for their pedagogical work with the children, to make their work easier or to enhance the spaces we work in.

You can find the list for this year below.  If you would like to make a donation of a Wish List item, please contact Emily Petrie, Development Manager, at [email protected] to let us know so that we remove it from the list. 
You can complete this donation one of two ways:
  • make an in-kind donation by purchasing the item directly and shipping it to school, or
  • donate the purchase amount online and noting in the donation form what you would like it to go towards. 

We warmly thank you for your generous support!

Resurfacing of chalkboards - Specific classrooms TBA 1 $1,000 $1,000 Contact Office/ [email protected]
User Friendly Light Board - Eurythmy Room 1 TBD $200 Contact Office/ [email protected]
Display case and message board for athletics field/gymnasium.  1 $1,315 $1,810 Contact Office/ epetrie@highlandhall.org