We are extremely proud of our Alumni

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We hope you'll enjoy staying connected on facebook, instagram, or the new Waldorf alumni networking platform Waldorf Connect (more details below). You can read about our alumns in our Alumni News. If you are an alumnus or former student of Highland Hall, or one of their parents, you are part of our Highland Hall Alumni community.

NEW Waldorf Alumni Networking Platform

The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America has launched Waldorf Alum Connect.  

The site is specifically designed for any alum interested in:
  • finding other Waldorf alums to network with
  • mentoring younger alums in your field
  • seeking out work or internships with a Waldorf alum
  • hiring other Waldorf alum to work with you on a project or within a company or organization
  • attending regional Waldorf alum events and parties
  • finding "long lost" friends and reconnecting
  • meeting new Waldorf alums in your area and making new friends!
  • following the Waldorf alum news and being inspired by what your fellow Waldorf alums are doing in the world!
If you’re a Waldorf alum, head over to Waldorf Alum Connect, create an account, and ask your friends to join too. If you know a Waldorf alum, please share the link. Let’s start networking! 

Connect with Highland Hall directly

Please stay in touch: send your updated contact information to alumni@highlandhall.org.

For all inquiries about our alumni program, please contact Cara Lisco at clisco@highlandhall.org or call 818-349-1394 x233. Thank you for visiting!