5th Grade Woodworking Class

At Highland Hall Waldorf School, Woodworking class starts in the 4th grade.  Children at that age need an appropriate challenge that will equip them with perseverance and thus develop confidence when overcoming that challenge.

In Woodworking classes in the Lower School, students work diligently to create animals, wooden spoons, bowls, boxes, and other items that can be put into use every day, giving them a deep sense of satisfaction, pride, and competence. Using only hand tools, students first must imagine the project and later concentrate on precision in the use of those tools. They develop endurance and skillfulness of hand along with patience.

Woodworking also connects students to the earth, broadening their respect and understanding for the materials that the earth provides. What’s more, gaining a respect for the source of materials is the first stage a child can take towards developing individual responsibility and resourcefulness.