Highland Hall Unplugged2

THANK YOU! Those two little words cannot begin to express our appreciation for all that was living in the room on Saturday night during our Unplugged 2 event. The talent in our community – among parents, faculty, staff and friends – is unparalleled. The food was exquisite, the decorations delightful, and the feelings of love, hope, and commitment that filled the room were palpable. The generosity of those in attendance was amazing. The finally tallying is still underway, but it is clear that we raised over $60,000 for our science lab in just one incredible evening. On behalf of our students, the faculty and staff we say again to all of you, “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”
In particular we'd like to thank our performers:
Rodney Vacarro (Director)
Bruce Weitz (Emcee)
Erick Bluske
Stuart Brawley
Nita Davanzo
Jerry Edelnant
Melani Gold-Friedman
Erika Kirkpatrick
Ken Lavner
Mona Lewis
Anny Lieberman
Jami Lula
Suzi Kesler Lula
Bryan Kelley
Brett Mikels
Jim Ortlieb
Bob Remstein
Amy Rydell
Amy Tinkham
Rebecca Varon