Taman Van Scoy's Watercolor Landscapes

Although raised in the San Fernando Valley, Taman spent his summers at his grandparents' farm in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which undoubtedly influenced his desire to become a landscape painter. "Where I lived, we didn't have that sort of scenery, so I decided to create my own idealized spaces." 

Taman credits much of his success to his thirteen years as a Waldorf student at Highland Hall. "Tom Holbrook, my class teacher, recognized my talent and pushed me to pursue my skills as an artist." Taman also sees the similarities of his art with Waldorf art which has a translucent quality. "I still use watercolor techniques that I learned from my teacher, Dana Williams, although now I use a much thicker palette which looks more like pastels." After graduating Highland Hall Taman went on to play basketball at community college before pursuing his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Cal State Long Beach. To learn more about Taman's work visit www.tamanvanscoy.com.