Highland Hall Middle School Volleyball news!

On Monday, April 22, the Highland Hill Waldorf School Hawks 5th/6th grade volleyball team soundly defeated the Chatsworth Eagles Middle School team in two back to back games with scores 25 to 11 and 25 to 16 respectively.

"It's a great victory for us," says Highland Hall's volley ball coach Donald Harrison, "especially considering this is the first year we've had fifth graders on the team. It's a younger team competing against sixth graders."

A highlight of the game occurred when a sixth grader from the Highland Hall team completed seven serves in a row. "Another highlight, " adds coach Harrison was when a fifth grader got a chance to make her first overhead and aced it!"

Immediately after the 5th/6th grade match between the two schools was the 7th/8th grade school boys volleyball game. Highland Hall's coed team played Chatsworth's all boys team. The two teams split the first two games with 13 points for Highland Hall and 25 for Chatsworth. Highland Hall took the second game 25 to 33, but lost in a tie breaker at 11 to 15.

"It was heartbreaking to lose the tie-breaker," says Highland Hall coach Humberto Ramirez, "But we're proud of our team and are very pleased that the San Fernando Valley Private School League has allowed our coed team to play in the all boys league."

Highland Hall Waldorf School is a member of the Westside League which includes a number of other private schools in the area. We take pride in the fact that many of our teams have won league championships and our school has received the Westside League award for sportsmanship for the past several years.

Our coaches and teachers work together to help student-athletes balance their academic work with their athletic endeavors. All student-athletes are expected to embrace the school's tradition of respect, discipline, sportsmanship and fair play. High School Teams include: Girls Volleyball, Co-ed Soccer, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Girls Softball, Boys Baseball . Middle School Teams include: Girls Volleyball, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball.