Freddie Mack Rocks Europe

Liquid Meat originally formed in Los Angeles and featured former Highland Hall student Bo Hrupcho on bass guitar. In 2011 Freddie moved back to his hometown of Munich, Germany, and in 2012 played at the Wacken Open Air Festival (the world’s largest metal and hard rock festival). In 2013 he reformed the band with an all German line-up featuring Max Horch on bass and female drummer Manuela Holmer.

Fusing influences of rock, punk, metal, blues, and funk, Liquid Meat has created a style of its own which has caught people’s attention. Within a year the trio played in over 30 shows and started to be featured in local newspapers. In 2014 they recorded their album, In Meat We Trust, which was completely funded by their fans, from the studio time to the actual production and release of the CD. The band was also featured on the October 2014 cover of Popular 1 Rock magazine which called them, “one of the most promising bands of the European scene.”

Roger Glover, bassist for the legendary rock group Deep Purple, says, "It’s refreshing to hear a band not rely on rock clichés but explore alternatives.” Freddie and his band members have been featured in over a dozen interviews by magazines, radio, blogs and webzines from all across Europe and were even named “band of the week” in Japan. Freddie adds, “all this happened in the 12 months since we first took to the German stage, and I am proud to say we have done this all by ourselves--without any record company or marketing/promotional company.”

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